A Global Real Estate Brokers Society 75% Exclusive Real Estate, Marketing Listings to people in 138 countries.

A Global Real Estate Brokers Society 75% Exclusive Real Estate, Marketing Listings to people in 138 countries.

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  • Place your Haves and Wants through a member for the ultimate in Internet global exposure. 

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>> Isn't this the same as a real estate board?


No, our service is more like an online version of the classified ads in a newspaper, except we deliver information globally and in real time with links to web sites of members, and more.


We support real estate boards and have served on MLS Committees. However some say 90% of apartment buildings are not on real estate boards, 90% of shopping centers are not on real estate boards, and this is true for all kinds of businesses, land, office buildings, hotels and much more.  In fact with residential a large portion is on real estate boards but there are now many FSBO’s that are not. There is a way to work all of these kinds of information on an information service that is ICIWorld.


We love hearing about all exclusive transactions that started as a result of advertising it on ICIWorld or from a connection that a member made with the public or other members and discussed other opportunities not on ICIWorld and did a deal. If it wasn’t for the networking started on ICIWorld some of these deals would never have been done. We pride ourselves in providing a service that fills the gap in the marketplace. Unlike a real estate board we’re able to deliver you exclusive listings – first. I believe it is now that a real estate board should contract or buy services from ICIWorld and supply it to its members. It is now very compatible with all services that real estate companies provide and offer to all their sales team. We look to the leadership in the industry to approach us with a view to making it work in a win win situation for everyone.  And most of all the public benefits because of the wider choices available supplied as a result of licensed real estate salespeople working information not just listings.


>> I have a website why should I use ICIWorld?


Many are not generating any or little quality leads from their web site. It is all about Lead Generation.


90% of people on the Internet who are searching for real estate are searching for real estate listings.  ICIWorld provides special links for your web site that makes it absolutely  inevitable for you to generate leads, or . . . you have no traffic to your web site.


Links to listings. Other brokers have agreed in each and every listing to allow their listings to be on your web site. What is better marketing, to have your listings on one web site or on 1,000 web sites! So they have agreed.  Now it is up to you to see the benefit to yourself. If a person visits your web site and sees any one of these listings, they have to call YOU for more information. This gives you a chance to set up a showing or . . . do a referral.  It is easy to add these links to your web site. They are tailored in consultation with you. Residential AND commercial, exclusive listings not available on other services, Power of Sales and more.


Learning SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and How To Promote Your Web Site is very important. Real estate provides the highest return on investment of any industry on the Internet because one lead can make one a lot of money and provide great service to the public.


ICIWorld has a monthly program, 90 minutes long, AND a section on just this one topic, How To Promote Your Web Site. Once your web site(s) are built we suggest this should become a passion for you to tell people about it. One person who visits your web site and sees a listing and bingo you can be into a showing. There are forty ways to promote all your web sites and you will learn them.  You have not had the time to study all this and present it in one spot. We have.


And another concept for you . . . web sites are like billboards. You can have more than one. If and I say if they are all generating leads for you then why not? Your web sites can be linked together so when people visit one they can go to the other. You only need one business card because when they visit that one, they can see the link to the other one.


Why have another one? Because of exclusive listings that you presently do not have. Exclusive homes, condos, commercial property and more.


Because this web site sends out listings to your buyers. You can program them in. They an do it. If you do open houses you should be able to provide an iPad for people to enter their own information for what they are looking for and your web site will send it to them! This is worth its weight in gold because it works 24 hrs per day. Two weeks from they could get an email about a new property and call and ask you to show it to them. Bingo another property sold and money made.


But you might as well not have any web site if you have no traffic to the web site. Have you every spent more than $25 on search engine optimization? We have. In just one world conference we spent $4,000 to attend and learn the five key elements and we teach this in our How To Promote Your Web Site Webinars once per month for you guessed it, for members only.


>> Who can join?


Licensed real estate brokers and sales people in USA and Canada.


Everyone in the rest of the world may join who are selling real estate as well as principals until there is organized real estate in that area.


Real Estate Companies, Associations, Real Estate Boards, Organizations, ICI Councils, Commercial Real Estate Groups, Franchises, are also eligible for membership and to provide a corporate rate for all their members. Contact us anytime to discuss.


There are special categories for mortgage brokers.


There are special categories for absolutely any and everyone who provides services to the real estate industry.


>> Does it cost money to read the ads?


Yes and No. It is free for the public to read the latest ads in the public area Database 1.  However, one must be a member to read the contact information of FSBO placed ads in Database 2. The Limited View is available to read free for the FSBO Area placed ads.


>> How can I read the FSBO area ads?


If you go to www.iciworld.com click on Search and choose Database 2 ’FSBO Area’ you’ll get to where you’re going. You must be a member in order to read the full ad and contact information of the poster.


Members also benefit by subscribing to receive these privately placed FSBO ads by email.


The public must contact a member for more information on any ad in Database 2 the FSBO area.


>> Can I place a banner?


Yes. Although this service is supported by licensed real estate brokers and salespeople through memberships, banner advertising is available. Contact us for more information.


>> I don't want to place the address. Can I do that?


Yes. In fact we recommend that you don’t give away too much information so that you can prevent people from cutting you out of the deal and heading directly to the owner. Many owners with properties for sale prefer it this way too.


>> Are there any commissions paid to ICIWorld?


No, ICIWorld is an advertising service, you simply pay for advertising by way of membership.


>> I'm on another major service that's free. Why do I need ICIWorld?


We supply links for your web site so that in one respect you are operating the service from YOUR web site in a way that YOU can get a lead from any one of thousands of listings.


Marketing is like fishing. You never know where your next deal is going to come. There is nothing wrong from using more than one service. Why not?


We simply suggest you include ICIWorld in your marketing plans and do not overlook networking and connections to do business that is generating some of the highest commissions in the real estate industry on a regular basis.


Also by posting information in one place, particularly exclusive and confidential information, it makes it easier for people to find this kind of information and directs business to licensed real estate salespeople who are best positioned in the industry to identify, collect and display confidential information that can make people money.


Brokers are protected and more information comes out of the woodwork so to speak and this serves the public greatly as they can find out about properties that are not on real estate boards.


More people visit when there is more information thereby increases deals for all members.


Exposure. ICIWorld was the first real estate service on the Internet in 1994.  It has a major following world wide. Statistics demonstrate activity. EMail distribution demonstrates activity. Links on web sites of members demonstrate activity.  All of this is penetration of the Internet when your information and links to your web site can be available on up to 18,000 places on the Internet and links to listings are on 1,000+ brokers and salespeoples web sites.


What is better for your seller, to have your information on one web site or on 1,000 web sites.


Power of Sales have sold through ICIWorld. See the deals being done. One report is one broker who placed a $4M shopping center on his real estate board and he got four calls, on ICIWorld he got 30 calls and sold it. Both services are important, why not use both!


It’s always better not to put all of your eggs in one basket.


Why not let give more people view your listings? You’re only going to profit in the end.


>> Why do I need the training?


We crystallize the time into a short fraction of what it would take you to learn through trial and error. Time is the problem.


Making up your own mind is easy to do if  you have the facts and every day in the trenches background to make a decision.


You can have a jet outside your door, but if you do not know how to fly it, you aren’t going anywhere. There are concepts covered in our training program that will teach you how to independently use our services so you can benefit from the Internet and start making a return on your investment as quickly as possible.


In fact Our Pledge is that if you are not doing a deal every 90 days or at the very least not developing good business relationships that you feel will lead to doing deals, then you must call us. If you do not, how can we help you? If you run out of gas in your car you do not abandon the car.  If you have a flat tire you do not abandon the car. You get it fixed. If you are not generating leads every 90 days call us. We are here to help.


>> If I have a problem, is there any help?


Yes, in fact we take pride in our customer service. Since 1990 we’ve thoroughly enjoyed being in direct contact with our members, helping them through the sometimes challenging market. Our Pledge.


>> Do you supply Home Pages, Domain Names, Hosting?


Yes, give us a call and we can get you on the web! There is a fast and easy solution to it all! We can even demonstrate it to you within several minutes absolutely no obligation.


>> Can I start by placing a free ad?


Yes! Start by going to www.iciworld.com and click on For the Public, Free Ad. These go into Database 2 the FREE FSBO Area.  Member Brokers and Salespeople may approach you asking if you would pay them a commission if they brought you in a buyer. They may even ask your permission to advertise it in Database 1 which provides the ultimate in world wide exposure. Database 2 has a limited view and only Executive Members of ICIWorld have access to these free ads.


>> How much does this service cost? How long is it for?


We are very economically priced and can have a number of types of arrangements to choose from. Visit our ‘Membership’ page to find an option that works for you. We call it an investment not a cost because it is inevitable for you to generate leads and do business or you call us. One year memberships are $319 and sponsorship is available to reduce it yearly to $240.


>> Do I have to pay for each ad?


No, you simply pay your membership fee and you can place as many ads as you want.


>> Can we have pictures?


Yes. However just because you can place pictures does not make it right. If you are dealing on an exclusive property and place a picture, everyone will know what it is and they could end up going direct.


Where you have an MLS listing With the power of linking you can place pictures but we recommend linking to the listing on YOUR web site.


Not only can you display pictures, but you can also display virtual tours.


>> What areas of the world do you cover?


Everywhere on the planet earth. With the mobilization of mobile devices and the new ICIWorld App, your information on ICIWorld is virtually accessible from every mobile device on the planet earth.


Today there are more mobile devices on earth than humans. The new App from ICIWorld is very exciting to make your information available easy and better than ever before.


>> Do the owners of ICIWorld sell real estate?


No, we don’t sell real estate as we consider it a conflict of interest.


We keep our license for information purposes and to keep plugged in to the industry. We do seminars at real estate boards, offices, etc. Gary Nusca, CCIM, AMP is a CCIM (Certified Commercial Investment Member) and an Accredited Mortgage Professional.


ICIWorld at TREB Realtor Quest

The ICIWorld booth on Commercial Row at TREB Realtor Quest May 10, 11, 2017 was one of the busiest booths at the show. This is one of  the largest real estate trade shows of its kind in the world.No where can you see as many products and services in one day as you can all year long as at this show.

One reason it was so busy for us, is that we make a statement that, "you could have a $30,000 website and it is not as powerful as the websites from ICIWorld for $16.50." See Websites. In addition, Realtors are ordering the Widgets from ICIWorld for their existing website that are inevitable to trigger leads. 

The three winners of the draw for an Executive Membership value $319 are:

Mila Kapoor, Sales Representative, Re/Max West Realty Inc. Brokerage

Kyra Anderson, Sales Representative, Re.Max Realtron Realty Inc., Brokerage

Ellen Lesiuk, Sales Representative, Royal LePage Terrequity, Brokerage

Congratulations from ICIWorld and hope to add you to our list of testimonials.

ICIWorld App

Free ICIWorld App


Get the ICIWorld App below for your mobile device. It is free.


“Keeping your Have and Want listings with an Active Status and no more than six months old is a prerequisite to be on the world wide App from ICIWorld. ” Accessible from 7 billion devices world wide.


iPhones, iPads Search ICIWorld in App Store


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Apple iPhone’s, iPad’s


We’re excited to announce our ICIWorld App for Apple iPhone’s and iPad’s!


How can I download the app? Click HERE to view the ICIWorld app in iTunes


Alternatively, find the App Store on your device and simply search the word ICIWorld. It is free and available for your iPhone and iPad

It will ask you for your Apple ID. If you have trouble knowing your ID call 1-800-275-2273.




We’re excited to announce that our ICIWorld App for Android’s is now available as well! 


How can I download the app?


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    • Send this link to your Android device and choose install

    • It is free and available for all of your Android devices such as Samsung


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What are some of the systems that can use this App?


• Samsung Galaxies

• Nexus

• Sony Ericsson

• Motorola Milestone

• LG Optimus

• Acer Liquid

• What is Android? 


Blackberry, Windows, Tablets and other Mobile Devices


This is really not an app but a mobilized version of the ICIWorld App.


• Here is a special version for all devices in the world of a mobile ICIWorld website click here!

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• Click on it and save it to you favorites

• Add this to the home screen on any mobile device world wide http://www.iciworld.mobi


Add it to your Home Screen. (Use the Blackberry button and choose


Note: Someday ICIWorld may become an App in the Blackberry Store but the quotes we have at the moment are $100,000 which we are holding off on for now.  The mobilized version is working smoothly once you add it to your home screen.


QR Codes


Download and print out the QR Codes from ICIWorld for all of the above. Print it out and try to use your QR Code Scanner.


Most all devices have the ability to use a QR Bar Code Reader. Download one from the store on your mobile device.  Search QR Code in your App store or Play Store. Then install it.  Click here for the QR Codes from ICIWorld and print it out. Point your device at the QR Code and run the QR Code program on your device. It will pick up the QR Code and bring up the ICIWorld app. Make sure to save things to you home screen. You can use the QR Code scanner for many things. I attended a Toronto film festival event and the museum had QR Codes on the displays. Hold up your mobile device, use the QR Code Reader and presto, all the information on that display comes up on your screen. An Internet connection is required either wireless or 3G.


ICIWorld App – Why


Get excited, the next Internet Revolution is the mobile revolution where smart phones outnumber people on the planet. See this article.


This is breaking down the barriers to expensive real estate estate advertising for your listings and opportunities.  Almost every one in the world can access their mobile device and find ICIWorld . . . and . . . your Have and Want real estate information for anywhere, everywhere on the planet earth. This is unbelievable! It strengthens and increases all your real estate opportunities to do business. .67 cents per day with a membership.


There are billions of devices that can now access ICIWorld information.  This is because an App is specially structured for a phone or mobile device and available in the App Store for an iPhone, iPad and the Play Store for Android phones: ie: Samsung Galaxies, Nexus, and more.  We have a mobile solution for Blackberry and Windows on this page.


There is a responsibility on you however your part to keep your information active and current. Only Active listings will appear on mobile devices. If your membership lapses your listings are immediately cut off.  The default settings are up to six months old active listings. There is a choice to see older listings up to one year old but that’s it. After that your listings will not appear.


So keeping your listings active and no more than six months old is a prerequisite to be on the world wide App from ICIWorld.


Make your real estate Have and Want information available. It is easy, place one ad on ICIWorld and reach the world! 20,000 EMails deliver information daily, readership 30,000+ on ICIWorld, plus listings appear on 1,000′s of other brokers web sites and now 1,000′s accessible on mobile phones world wide.


Get the ICIWorld App below for your mobile device. It is free.


PLEASE NOTE: Results on mobile devices are now limited to Active Listings Only, no more than six months old!!!


This video explains how to use the new ICIWorld App for your mobile device.


It is information at your fingertips!


You will still be able to make connections for all listings for networking purposes at www.iciworld.com


What is the ICIWorld Real Estate App?


It provides exposure to the world five times more accessible than computers.

Your clients and customers will appreciate the world wide exposure.

It provides access to thousands of exclusive real estate and business buying and selling opportunities not available on other services

It provides access to Haves and Wants in real time. Add a Have and Want and it is instantly available.


You will have access to six months of listings with an Active Status with contact names and phone numbers.

It allows people all over the world to access your information when you place your information.

You can search and produce a list of buyers for different property types and locations.


Key word searching to find businesses.

Search by Business Category.

Search by any Business Area in the world.

You can search through thousands of exclusive Haves and Wants for the specific information you need to get more information and to set up showings for properties, do deals!


Have real estate Have and Want information with contact names, phone numbers, email address’, and websites in your pocket and at your fingertips!

Search contact names and numbers of Executive Members along with searching their specialties, market areas, languages spoken and much more. These results produce links to the brokers web sites, their listings and more information on listings in their areas.


You will have to modify your listings regularly we suggest 30-60 days and no later than 90 but listings will remain up to 180 days only in order to have them appear on ICIWorld worlds apps on all mobile devices.

Don’t forget to make sure you place your information so it can be networked worldwide throughout the industry.

Make the Investment in Your Career Join ICIWorld Today!


This is Internet and Technology Power of the Fortune 1,000 companies for our real estate industry!